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Toby Young’s Intro to Unmasked

by | Oct 15, 2020 | Info | 0 comments

With the working title “Unmasked: The Virus and the Disease” this feature-length documentary will follow the progress of Corona from its sensational debut in January as the only player on the world stage, through those salad days of early Lockdown and clapping the NHS, and into the autumn we as try to navigate our way through contradictory rules and ranks of “Covid Marshalls” towards our doubtful economic future. The narrative will be told through contributions from experts, footage from the mainstream and alternative media, and, crucially, through the stories and experiences of ordinary people.
We are actively looking for contributors who are willing to speak on camera about their experiences, particularly of the impact that Lockdown and other measures taken in the name of stopping Covid have had on you or your loved ones. All submissions will be dealt with in strict confidence and if it is necessary to protect identities we will find ways to do so.
We are also looking for material – video, photos, letters, emails, recordings – that evoke the strangely heightened experiences of this socially distanced year. 
The film’s tone will be reflective and, where possible, lighthearted, seeking to balance the seriousness of the main theme, so we are looking for uplifting stories too.

As we move around the country filming over the next few weeks we will be putting out calls for certain kinds of stories or material, or announcing that we are visiting particular places. It would be hugely helpful if you could follow us, like our posts and tweets, comment, and share them if you can.




Finally, like many others, our industry is decimated and we are time rich but cash poor. If you are able to make a donation to the project we would be grateful.




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