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Francis Hoar on Lockdown Legality

by | Dec 1, 2020 | Videos | 0 comments

Francis Hoar, acting for Simon Dolan in his legal challenge to the government lockdown, gives Unmasked Doco an overview of the legal position with regard to various aspects of policy.

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Parts and timecodes:

Part 1 00:30

The government’s use of the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 as a basis for lockdown measures

Part 2 02:44

Secondary legislation granting powers to ministers under the 1984 Act

Part 3 03:26

The Simms Principle –”Fundamental rights cannot be overridden by general or ambiguous words”

Part 4 04:13

The European Convention on Human Rights as a challenge to statutory instruments under the 1984 Act

Part 5 06:53

Emergency legislation and some of its implications – the Corona Virus Act 2020

Part 6 08:39

Dementia: a possible example of skewed reporting as a result of the Corona Virus Act 2020

Part 7 09:44

Coroner’s Courts and official statistics as a measure of mental health and suicide prevalance

Part 8 10:48

The secretive and unbalanced process guiding the government’s “tiers” policy



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